Forum Sector

Session 1 Applications of the blockchain to data authentication as applied in finance, IOT, and enterprise.
Speakers: Jonathan Hope(USA)
Session 2 Misinformation around blockchain that proliferates through financial media or how smart contracts will change the way we transact and trust.
Speakers: Mike De Shazer(USA)
Session 3 Understanding smart contracts : what are they, are they legally enforceable, how can they be used, etc.
Speakers: Joel S. Telpner(USA)
Session 4 Video Technology Paradigm change in Data-centric Technology Age
Speakers: Alexander Park(Korea)
Session 5 Use of Blockchain in Reducing Global Poverty: Managing Cybersecurity Risks
Speakers: Zhijun William Zhang(China)
Session 6 Blockchain Technology as a Security Enabler for Low Power IoT Devices
Speakers: Volker Skwarek(Germany)
Session 7 Decentralized Autonomous Organization - Reality or hoax?
Speakers: Haseeb Awan(Canada)
Session 8 Using the Blockchain to make other Blockchains Compliant-Regulatory Compliance & Company Validation
Speakers: Patrick Curry(UK)